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Welcome to Sweet Cakes!

*New Stuff*
(Where we introduce you to our latest and greatest)

Try our three amazing new fragrances:

* BBW (type) Lemon Zest fragrance (could anything be better for the hot weather of late summer?)

* Molton Brown Naran Ji (type) fragrance

* Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod (type) fragrance

* Patchouli essential oil is back in stock at a great price -- this is a great perfumery essential that you'll want to always have on hand!

* Back by popular demand: Sexy Men fragrance. The name? Really dumb. The scent? Really, really great. Use it on its own, or add it to other fragrances to add a sexy, masculine component.

* Fans of clean, white floral blends, prepare to fall in love. We worked like fiends to have a top perfumer duplicate the impossible-to-find, super-expensive "Aria" by Culti, and it's finally finished and ready for you! It's like lily of the valley meets orange blossom meets a corner of heaven!

* Things are getting FRESH up in here! We now stock three scrupulously well-crafted duplications of "Fresh"-brand best-sellers (with more to come -- these are some of the best-smelling and most popular offerings in the world of perfumery right now!)
* Fresh Lemon Sugar (type) Fragrance
* Fresh Sugar Blossom (type) Fragrance

Exciting additions to our ALL-NATURAL offerings!
Research shows that consumers increasingly are expressing a preference for products with a high percentage of natural ingredients. Accordingly, we've expanded our own all-natural fragrance and flavor offerings by adding scents and flavors you never expected to see in a natural version. Give these amazing blends a try and see how they hold their own against all those big, juicy synthetics:

New -- All-Natural Fragrance Blends
* All-Natural Mango Sugar Mint fragrance
* All-Natural Grapefruit Apricot fragrance
* All-Nature Herb Garden fragrance

New -- All-Natural Flavor Oils for Lip Balm
* All-Natural Apple Flavor for Lip Balm
* All-Natural Blueberry Flavor for Lip Balm
* All-Natural Passionfruit Flavor for Lip Balm

These blends -- available excusively at Sweet Cakes -- are made entirely of essential oils and other plant materials and are 100% natural! Watch for more all-natural fragrance and flavors oils on our site in the future, coming soon!

* Our new Linden Blossom fragrance sparkles and dances and is completely irresistible. There's nothing old-fashioned about this dazzler -- definitely NOT your grandma's linden blossom scent!

* Here's a nice customer email we just received: "I just wanted to tell you that my order arrived so very promptly today, and that I am DELIGHTED with your fragrance oils! Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service and your marvelous products -- 'a little bit of heaven in bottles.'"

* Check out our most popular melt-and-pour soap base: Opaque Soap Base with Shea Butter.

* The fragrance duplication you've been asking for! Check out our interpretation of the fragrance we received the most requests for, "Hotel Costes"! Amazingly upscale, complex, and haunting -- you've never smelled anything like it.

* This just in -- a fantastic green blend that smells like bamboo and tropical white flowers. Check out our new "Champaca & Bamboo" fragrance.

* New! "Mandarin Lime (Bath & Body Works type)" fragrance has just arrived -- perfect for spring, and for citrus lovers!

Additional reductions and more fragrances have been added to our "Sale" section. Check them out -- top-quality oils plus super-low prices equals irresistibility!

* SALE! SALE! SALE! We've been doing some weeding and pruning here in our fragrance garden, so to speak, and the beneficiary is going to be you, the lover of high-quality fragrances, as we populate the "NOW ON SALE" section of our site with lots of irrresistible bargains. Be sure to check back frequently, as the selection will change or be supplemented frequently. This is a great chance to stock up on an old favorite, or try out something completely new at a great price!

* What a fun idea! Check out our new "Circus Peanut" flavor oil, and see how we've turned a food of the gods into a smile-producing new lip balm flavor oil.

* Check out our new blend "Acai & Mangosteen" fragrance -- the combination of these two on-trend, fruity powerhouses is sure to create some "tropical thunder"!

* The best thing I've smelled in ages:  You must try our version of Hermes Eau des Merveilles.  Why?  Because it's life changing!  (Well, if you consider discovering a phenomenally irresistible and unusual scent life changing, which I personally do.  Now if only I could find some Entenmann's Banana Cake west of the Mississipi, my life would be complete.)

* Amazing, fresh, unisex, and very, very different -- it's our version of Molton Brown's legendary Black Pepper scent.  Use it on its own (especially in products for men) or add it to fruity or floral scents to spice and mystery.

Yum!  Check out our smooth-as-silk interpretation of Bath & Body Works' super-popular Chocolate Amber fragrance.

Make Some Stuff, the Easy Way: Not a soap- or candlemaker? No problem! It's easy as pie to add our extraordinary fragrances to our bulk shampoo and shower gel, or use our flavors, natural sweetener, all-natural lip balm base, and lip balm tubes to make your own lip balms.

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