Blackberry Fragrance


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We sniffed and sampled many a blackberry fragrance before we found one that bore any relationship to the actual berry. This is the truest blackberry scent we've found -- rich and fruity.

BLENDING SUGGESTIONS: Use it on its own, or blend it with our Raspberry and Red Currant fragrances to make a "Berry Basket" blend.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.

Here's a great, simple blackberry blend for summer:

Blackberry Martini
2 parts Sweet Cakes Gin Martini Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Blackberry Fragrance

A martini without the twist, but instead, a dash of plump ripe blackberries! The balance of the sweet, tart Blackberry and the crisp woody juniper in Gin Martini are a perfect marriage. Add any of our berry-seed exfoliants (raspberry seeds, strawberry seeds, etc.) to your bars and call the blend "Blackberry-Juniper Scrub."

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