Citron et Figue Fragrance


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This rich lemon-fig blend begins with citrusy top notes of essential oils of lemon and orange. It blooms into a fruity-floral heart of ginger, apple, geranium, real rose and green tea absolutes, and a touch of mint. The warm drydown consists of fig, spice, amber, and white musk. You know all those exotic new candle brands -- the ones where even a votive is, like, $30 and comes in its own tiny crate sitting on a bed of shredded cashmere? Citron et Figue is the kind of mesmerizing, expensive-smelling scent that you'd find in one of those . . .

Flashpoint 172ยบ F

Citron et Figue is one of our new blending favorites:

Fruit Fantasy
4 parts Sweet Cakes Sandalwood Fragrance
3 parts Sweet Cakes Grapefruit or Sweet Cakes Yuzu Fragrance
2 parts Sweet Cakes Osmanthus Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Fig or Citron et Figue Fragrance

This blend takes Grapefruit or Yuzu fragrance to a whole new level -- the Citron et Figue adds "WOW!" and Sandalwood gives it a sensuous note.
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