Aliage (Estee Lauder type) Fragrance


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Time to hop into the Wayback Machine and check out this brilliant fragrance first introduced in 1972 -- but still the best of its type!

If the color green had an aroma, it would be Aliage -- its top note is a powerful green herbal complex, leading to a middle of jasmine, thyme, pine, and a touch of spice, with smooth oakmoss, deep, woody vetiver sandalwood, musk, and myrrh in the drydown. If you're a fan of herbal fragrances, this one is not to be missed.

Flashpoint: 190F.

Note to cold-process soapers: We do not recommend this fragrance for use in cold-process soap as the high pH of the raw soap eats up all the yummy herbal notes. Our Aliage is delightful, though, in M&P soap, lotion, and especially in shampoo and shower gel.
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