Clean Cotton (Yankee type) Fragrance


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NEW! Our copy of one of Yankee Candles' best-sellers!

Aaaah . . . A fresh, clean cotton blossom type inspired by line-dried linens. Subtle citrus top notes lead to a sweet floral middle of apple blossom and geranium, with soft amber, jasmine, and musk in the bottom. How is this different from our other clean-smelling fragrances, like Irish Springs, Clean, Tide, etc.? The floral midnotes and ambery-musky bottom give Clean Cotton (type) a warmth and hominess not found in the others. It'll remind you of flannel jammies, clean and fluffy from the dryer! And soapers, fear not -- while this is a duplication of a Yankee candle scent, it performs marvelously in all types of soap -- strong and true, with no discoloration.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.
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