Black Currant Rose Fragrance


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If you like Diptyque Baies (TM), you'll love our Black Currant Rose fragrance!

Paris-based Diptyque is a leader in the world of high-end candles and home scents, and Baies is the best-selling of their 45 candle fragrances. Baies is an amazing blend of black currant, black currant leaf, and Bulgarian rose -- the result is a startlingly fresh and complex accord that strikes the nose as alternately green, spicy, floral, and fruity, as does our interpretation of this fine scent. A 7-oz. Diptyque Baies container candle retails for $45 in a select assortment of high-end boutiques -- if that's not in your budget, please try the Sweet Cakes version (we have no affiliation whatsoever with the Diptyque company or their fragrances) and scent your home, yourself, and your candles to your heart's content! This fragrance *is* CP-soap compatible, causing neither seizing nor discoloration.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.
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