Clementine Fragrance


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Clementine, is of course, a type of tangerine, and this fragrance's sparkling top notes and killer midsection of natural orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and bergamot oils will make this the darling of your scent arsenal (get it -- darling? clementine?). Irresistible, and wonderfully realistic and long-lasting, even in tough applications like cold-process soap, notorious for tearing orange scents from limb to limb.

Flashpoint: 145F.

Here's a terrific blend using Clementine Fragrance:

Citrus Ice
3 parts Sweet Cakes Clementine Fragrance (or Sweet Cakes Mandarin Orange Fragrance)
1 part Sweet Cakes Icecap Fragrance

This citrus blend with a cool blast is great for hot summer days. It's truly a unisex blend -- men love it. It's a great blend for men's products if you want to get away from traditional woody, citrus, or designer-cologne blends. Talk about a "wake you up in the morning" shower! You may want to adjust the Icecap, depending on how "cool" you want the blend to be. I don't recommend more than 5 parts Clementine to 2 parts Icecap, though.
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