Icecap Fragrance


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An icy blast of cool, clean scent guaranteed to make you sit up and take notice. Essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint are combined with synthetic menthol to produce a mind-clearing, eye-opening humdinger. Cools you down in summer and heats you up in winter (I know that sounds impossible, but that's what they always say about down comforters, so I'm going with it . . .).

Flashpoint: 141F.

Here are some terrific Icecap Fragrance blending ideas:

Citrus Ice
3 parts Sweet Cakes Clementine Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Icecap Fragrance
This citrus blend with a cool blast is great for hot summer days. It's truly a unisex blend -- men love it. Talk about a "wake you up in the morning" shower! You may want to adjust the Icecap, depending on how "cool" you want the blend to be. I don't recommend more than 5 parts Clementine to 2 parts Icecap, though.

Also, try blending Icecap with your favorite Sweet Cakes fruity fragrance to give it a cool, icy feel. Even pear fragrances get a boost with a dash of Icecap!
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