Karen's Ocean Rain™ Fragrance


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A Sweet Cakes classic -- salty sea water, a kiss of kelp, and the clean scent of rain add up to a winning maritime combination!

A great unisex combination of sea and rain notes -- very strong and "Atlantic seaboard."

TIP FOR COLD-PROCESS SOAPMAKERS: For extra texture and aesthetic appeal, take 2 sheets of nori (the dried seaweed sheets used to wrap sushi), cut them up into little pieces with a scissors, and soak them in a tablespoon of hot water. At thin trace, stir the nori "slush" and colorants into your batch. Add .7 oz. of Karen's Ocean Rain fragrance per lb. of fats/oils, stir to incorporate, and pour into prepared molds. The nori will turn bright green, but will eventually fade to a very organic-looking golden yellow. Or -- do nothing but scent your plain soap, candles, or toiletries with Karen's Ocean Rain, and they'll still go over big.

Flashpoint: 172º F.
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