Lavender Breeze Fragrance


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Our solution for people who like the idea of a lavender scent but find lavender essential oil a bit too medicinal or old-fashioned. The brilliant perfumer behind Lavender Breeze started with lavender EO but softened it with some airy, green top notes, then slipped in a floral heart of muguet and rose, and anchored the blend with musk and precious woods notes. The result? A unisex fragrance that's unmistakably lavender, but fresher and more appealing.

Flashpoint: 173ยบ F.

Lavender Breeze is amazingly versatile; here it plays a key part in a blend that we like to refer to as "not your grandmother's rose fragrance":

Elizabethan Rose
4 parts Sweet Cakes True Rose Fragrance
2 parts Sweet Cakes Lavender Breeze Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Hyacinth Fragrance

This blend is fresh and new, yet it has a romantic charm. It has the time-tested fragrance of roses, yet is loved by people who usually don't care for rose fragrances. And Hyacinth will brighten up any floral blend. This Elizabethan Rose blend will transport you into a summer garden on a warm breezy night. If you'd like to substitute a different rose scent, you can use 5 parts Sweet Cakes Rose Petals, or 3 parts Sweet Cakes Red Rose.

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