Magnolia, World's Best Fragrance


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Most magnolia fragrances are simple and sweet, but often overly so. *This* magnolia is sexy and intoxicating and complex -- with top notes of grapefruit, orange, ylang ylang, hyacinth, and freesia leading to a fruity-floral middle of tuberose, lilyof the valley, magnolia (of course!), and plum. Vanilla and musk in the bottom add stability and sultriness. A favorite flower of the South finally gets the treatment it deserves. BOTTOM LINE: The name says it all.

Flashpoint: 154F.

Here's an upscale "cooling" magnolia blend:

Afternoon Delight
5 parts Sweet Cakes World's Best Magnolia Fragrance
2 parts Sweet Cakes Orange Blossom Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Cucumber Melon (B&BW type) Fragrance

A hot afternoon, and a blend that cooled the warm summer day! This blend is unique, and a bit risky, I'll admit. But the end result is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Blending tip: For a more floral blend, add one part True Rose. It will actually "warm" the blend up a bit.
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