Vanilla Lace (type) Fragrance


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Another Victoria's Secret scent duplication, and one that no soaper, chandler, or toiletries-maker should be without. A rich, classic vanilla enhanced with top notes of lemon, a floral midsection, and sweet musk on the bottom. BOTTOM LINE: Quite possibly the best, most intoxicating vanilla we've ever smelled.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This fragrance has been reformulated to minimize crystallizing during cold weather -- with no change whatsoever to its mindbogglingly excellent aroma, thank heavens. If some crystallization *does* occur during shipping (and it may, during the fall/winter/spring months), not to worry -- the fragrance will return to its normal state when you add it to hot soap, hot wax, etc. or you may choose to put the bottle in a cup of warm water to dissolve the crystals too.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.
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