FRESH Pink Jasmine (type) Fragrance (2018 MOD)


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Lovers of boutique fragrances -- try our irresistible re-creation of this best-selling fragrance by FRESH!

A truly fresh take on jasmine -- bright and floral without being overly heavy or cloying, as some jasmine-centered fragrances are. The blend begins with floral-citrus notes of sweet red orange, freesia, and jasmine atop a mid-section of lilac, magnolia, peony, peach skin, and tiare flower. A soft, dreamy, lingering drydown is provided by notes of precious woods and marshmallow. BOTTOM LINE: Even if you've never had a chance to smell this in person, consider giving it a try in your soaps, candles, bath gel, etc. -- it's a favorite with the discerning perfumistas who write reviews on-line.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.

Due to current market/industry shortages, we've found it necessary to slightly modify this product to keep it active. While this modification is very close to our original version, and has tested well, if you've used this product in large batches in the past, we highly recommend creating a test batch to make sure it performs to your expectations in your process.

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