Christmas Spice Fragrance (2018 MOD)


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The quintessential scent for Christmas here at Sweet Cakes (no matter how many other Christmas fragrances we bring in, Christmas Spice outsells them 10-1). This seasonal standout is an irresistible blend of Yuletide spice, woods, and sweet notes. At the top, ripe strawberry melds with touches of green apple and pineapple. Next, holiday spices of clove, cinnamon, pimento, and cardamom blend with a hint of rose, leading to a long-lasting drydown of sweet vanilla and balsam fir.

POINT OF INTEREST: Many of our customers don't want to give this one up come January, so they rename it -- "Stacey's Spice," "Yakimaw Valley Spice," etc., so they can keep it in their lines.

Flashpoint: 187ยบ F.

Due to current market/industry shortages, we've found it necessary to slightly modify this product to keep it active. While this modification is very close to our original version, and has tested well, if you've used this product in large batches in the past, we highly recommend creating a test batch to make sure it performs to your expectations in your process.

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