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Sweet Cakes Soaps, Inc., is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota -- for 26 years, purveyors of the finest Fragrance, Essential, and Flavor oils available!

We opened in 1995, as a result of our founder's inability to find fragrances that performed well in soap and candles. For 26 years, we've worked hand-in-hand with numerous highly respected perfumers and chemists to unravel the mystery of what makes soap seize and why some fragrances smell like a pile of burning tires after coming in contact with raw soap. This battle will continue to go on, but as a result of this work, we're able to say with confidence that we offer the world's finest, most reliable fragrances available on the internet (or, frankly, anywhere). We're also extremely proud of our customer service; almost all orders ship out within 24 hours of placement, and emails and calls are answered promptly and courteously by an experienced soap- and toiletries-maker.

All of our fragrances are cosmetic-grade and are suitable for use in toiletries, melt-and-pour soap, and candles.  Virtually all of them have been specially formulated for use in cold-process soap (and for the rare exceptions, a "not recommended for cold-process soap" warning appears in the product's description).

If you've been disappointed in fragrances from crafts stores or other online sources, please give us a try. Soap- and candlemakers from across the US and internationally tell us regularly that our scents are the key to their success. Try us and you'll see that great fragrance makes all the difference in your finished product.

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