All-Natural Lip Balm Base for Tubes


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Too good to be true? Hardly! The internet is so full of artificial bases that I'd become convinced that it must be scientifically impossible to create a natural one -- and then what should come flying in over the transom but this balmy beauty, easy to use and natural in every way. When it comes to making lip balm, I can't imagine using anything but this base now -- the consistency of the finished product is better than anything I ever came up with blending oils (yes, even fancy-pants, high-priced oils like jojoba and kukui nut) from scratch.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Heat our All-Natural Lip Balm Base until melted in a microwaveable container -- microwaves vary like crazy, so taking the relative power of yours into account, heat the lip balm base until melted (I make about two ounces of lip balm at a time, and my turbocharged micro takes about a minute and a half to melt it down). Add your favorite Sweet Cakes flavor oil and our All-Natural Sweetener if desired, then pour into lip balm tube. (We offer a colorful selection!) If you prefer a stiffer balm, combine the All-Natural Lip Balm Base with beeswax.

INGREDIENTS: Castor seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, lauryl laurate, fruit (olive) oil, hydrogenated castor oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, hydrogenated soybean oil, candelilla wax.

Melting Point: 142F - 160F

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