FRESH Pink Jasmine (type) Fragrance


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Lovers of boutique fragrances -- try our irresistible re-creation of this best-selling fragrance by FRESH!

A truly fresh take on jasmine -- bright and floral without being overly heavy or cloying, as some jasmine-centered fragrances are. The blend begins with floral-citrus notes of sweet red orange, freesia, and jasmine atop a mid-section of lilac, magnolia, peony, peach skin, and tiare flower. A soft, dreamy, lingering drydown is provided by notes of precious woods and marshmallow. BOTTOM LINE: Even if you've never had a chance to smell this in person, consider giving it a try in your soaps, candles, bath gel, etc. -- it's a favorite with the discerning perfumistas who write reviews on-line. (2018 MOD)

Flashpoint: >200F.
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