Brown Sugar Fragrance


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Truly the scent of brown sugar in a bottle, and perfect for sweetening up blends without the intense discoloration a vanilla fragrance would cause.

RECIPE SUGGESTION: Brown sugar scrubs are all the rage at spas and in high-end bath and body collections. If you'd like to make your own, add 3-4 tablespoons of any high-quality liquid vegetable oil (like sweet almond, castor, jojoba, etc.) to 1 cup of brown sugar, combining the components until a pastelike consistency is achieved. Then add our Brown Sugar fragrance until the desired scent level is achieved -- the amount is subjective, but 1-2 teaspoons should do the trick. (And in case you've never heard of a sugar scrub, you apply them to your arms, legs, etc., in the shower, rub them into the skin with a washcloth or loofa, rinse them off, and voila -- smooth skin!.)

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.
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