Calamus (Comme des Garcons type) Fragrance


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Uber-successful Japanese couture house Comme des Garcons (which means "like boys" in French) has issued just a handful of fragrances, all of them groundbreaking and stellar.

Our interpretation of their "Calamus" is the greenest, cleanest, most unisex scent in our entire repertoire. Imagine an intense fusion of leaves and grass and bamboo and rain and stems, and you've barely begun to scratch the surface. While this blend may strike some as too "out there" (there's none of the musky or fruity notes that are regularly thrown into everything), for those who want their shower gel, shampoo, and soap to be clean and refreshing (as opposed to musky, floral, sweet, etc.), this is a must-try.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.
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