Hibiscus Fragrance


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Summer in a bottle! This hothouse flower is captured beautifully in a blend that begins with fruity top notes of apple, black currant, lime, and bergamot, leading to a heady floral middle of jasmine and rose, with a warm, sexy drydown of white musk, amber, and sandalwood. Strong and true, even after curing in cold-process soap!

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.

Hibiscus is one of my new favorite florals; here's a fresh, clean blend we created using it:

Day at the Spa
1 part Sweet Cakes Sapmoss (type) Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Hibiscus Fragrance

Ooh la la, a day at the spa! This blend takes an already great fragrance (Sapmoss) and kicks it up a notch! "A Day at the Spa" is actually quite unisex, and is so delicious in our shampoo and shower gel that it could give the 'organic experience' a run for its money!
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