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A rare treat -- the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring fragrance we carry (in my humble and completely biased opinion). Many Sweet Cakes customers have come to know and love our "regular" Fracas duplication -- and now we introduce a deluxe version, blended with the creme de la creme of raw materials. Top notes of neroli essential oil, real Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, and iris absolute lead to a floral heart of coriander essential oil, jasmine oil from Egypt, gardenia, pink geranium, and lily of the valley. A soft, sexy drydown is provided by balsam tolu, white iris, and musk. This is the most expensive oil we sell (believe it or not, the Tunisian jasmine component sells for $3,000 per pound, wholesale), and while the price point may make it inadvisable to dump a jugful of Fracas Deluxe into a vat of wax or soap, why not consider buying a small bottle of it as a treat for yourself or someone you love? Just a dash of it in shampoo, shower gel, or lotion will elevate those raw bases to heights previously undreamt of. It also makes the ideal personal perfume when blended with alcohol or our All-Natural Lip Balm Base (which doubles as a body butter).

Bottom Line: This clean-yet-sexy classic floral blend will not disappoint -- it's the standard by which all other floral fragrances should be judged. It's an avowed favorite of Madonna, Kim Basinger, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Carolina Herrera.

Flashpoint: 195ยบ F.
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