Green Clover & Aloe (Bath & Body Works type) Fragrance


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Fresher than a spring breeze blowing across a mountain meadow high in the Colorado Rockies! I decided this is a must-have fragrance after a recent foray to the mall, and was thrilled that the perfumers were able to come up with such a knock-out duplication. This blend begins with fresh-floral, bright citrus, and leafy green top notes, leading to a heart of water lily, jasmine, and eucalytpus. The fragrance ends with bottom notes of musk and soft woods. Lovers of fresh scents like Irish Spring, Tide, and Cool Citrus Basil, rejoice -- you have found your new king!

NOTE: The tiny test bar of CP soap I made with Green Clover & Aloe has been filling my home office with the most wonderful waves of fresh, clean, green, refreshing scent -- a far cry from the room's usual aroma of open Dorito's bags and sleeping dogs. Powerful, and powerfully good! Doesn't discolor CP soap, either -- excellent!

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.
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