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In a league of its own -- strong and amazingly true. Don't be disheartened by other Green Tea fragrances, which may be pleasant enough but not particularly tea-like. PERSONAL ANECDOTAL SIDE NOTE: When we introduced this fragrance four years ago, we actually had to twist people's arms to get them to try it. "Who wants to smell like TEA??" they asked. Now Green Tea is all the rage, and if we do say so ourselves, our Green Tea fragrance is the best in the business.

Flashpoint: >200Âș F.

Here's a simple but wonderful blend using our Green Tea fragrance:

China Tea
3 parts Sweet Cakes Green Tea Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Osmanthus Fragrance

This blend is outstandingly fresh and versatile. Whether you want an upscale "high-end" fragrance feel or a more natural, tie-dye and macramé feel, China Tea is a chameleon! And talk about "WOW!" in the bath and shower -- Candlemakers might want to use 2 parts of Osmanthus, due to a change in the blend's balance when burning. We also highly recommend China Tea as a scent for our shampoo and shower gel, as it comes alive under the hot water!
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