Oceania Fragrance


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A fresh, pleasant, unisex sea scent, for those ocean-scent-seekers wanting something neither too brisk nor too floral. Try mixing this 2:1 with our Sweet Rain to approximate the scent of Primal Elements' Facets of the Sea blend.

Flashpoint: >200ยบ F.

Our Oceania Fragrance is a blending favorite here at Sweet Cakes. Love those floral fragrances but, want to try something unexpected? Add a touch of our Oceania. For the stronger florals such as our Gardenia or our Tuberose Deluxe, try 1 part Oceania to 3 parts floral. For lighter florals, use 1 part Oceania to 4 or 5 parts floral.

Looking for a more unisex blend? Try this subtle, calming blend:

Mountain Stream
4 parts Sweet Cakes Woodlands (B&BW type) Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Oceania Fragrance

In the Pacific Northwest, there are the most unbelievable virgin forests, and the fragrance of these forests is just incredible. The fresh mountain air and the green of the moss and the evergreens is punctuated here and there by pure mountain streams that cascade hundreds of feet into ribbon waterfalls and cooling misty pools. This is the feel that this blend creates. "Mountain Stream" also makes a wonderful, calming candle scent.
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