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The nicest-smelling floral you've never heard of! Osmanthus flowers come from a Chinese evergreen, and in China, where they're used to scent tea, are known as Kwei Hwa. The fragrance is floral-fruity -- it's been described as a combination of jasmine with a suggestion of plum and raisins -- and very exotic. Evidently it spans the globe, as osmanthus scents are very popular in Europe and Australia as well. Astringent and fresh, much like freesia.

Flashpoint: >200Âș F.

Here is an outstandingly fresh and versatile blend using our Osmanthus:

China Tea
3 parts Sweet Cakes Green Tea Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Osmanthus Fragrance

Whether you want an upscale "high-end" fragrance feel or a more natural, tie-dye and macramé feel, China Tea is a chameleon! And talk about "WOW!" in the bath and shower. We highly recommend China Tea as a scent for our shampoo and shower gel, as it comes alive under the hot water. Candlemakers might want to use only 2 parts of our Osmanthus, due to a change in the blend's balance when burning.

Our Osmanthus fragrance plays a part in this other fabulous blend:

Fruit Fantasy
4 parts Sweet Cakes Sandalwood Fragrance
3 parts Sweet Cakes Yuzu or Sweet Cakes Grapefruit Fragrance
2 parts Sweet Cakes Osmanthus Fragrance
1 part Sweet Cakes Fig or Citron et Figue Fragrance

This blend takes plain grapefruit to a whole new level -- the Fig adds "WOW!", while the Osmanthus brings a touch of floral mystery, and Sandalwood gives it a sensuous note.
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